Fork-Stor Forklift Covers

Fork-Stor Forklift Covers




The Fork-Stor easily slips over the forklift in seconds. Fits most lifts up to 8,000 lbs. This durable cover is part of the fine line of products manufactured by Eevelle and it is great for the yard or warehouse to keep your lift's resale value high.

Made of 8 oz. Marine-Grade Woven Polyester

Measurement Details: 100"L x 45"W x 80"H

"Saving The Life Of Your Forklift"

- fits most 8000lb forklifts. The cover slips over the forklift in seconds. The cover is manufactured from the most durable fabrics and is great for the yard or warehouse, keeping your lifts resale value high.

Made from 8oz marine grade woven polyester. Sewn into the cover is a heavy-duty tension strap, and a zipper for access when the forklift is not in use. Safely store your forklift outside and protect it from harsh weather.


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