Carver Boat Covers

Carver Boat Covers



Available in 3 categories to give you a balance between perfect fit and perfect price. Each category of boat cover is available in a selection of carefully engineered fabrics to provide you with choices that are right for you and best for your boat.

Flex-Fit Boat Covers (GOOD)

- The Flex-Fit series of boat covers is suitable for virtually any style boat, available in six sizes that fit practically all 14 to 22-foot boats. Economically priced, a flex-fit cover is an excellent choice for storage, but is not recommended for mooring or trailering. The Flex-Fit boat covers feature strong and durable 1/4″ shock cord encased into hem for a snug fit.

Styled-to-Fit Boat Covers (BETTER)

- Better known as “semi-custom” covers, Styled-to-Fit boat covers are the best selling, most popular category of covers and for good reason. Value. The Styled-to-Fit boat covers are designed to accommodate all popular hull styles and boat configurations. For example, a 21-foot V-Hull Runabout boat cover will fit a 21-foot V-Hull Runabout Sea Ray, Bayliner, Four Winns, Stingray, etc. The cover is not “custom” to the specific boat, but a highly fitted cover designed to accommodate the primary characteristics of the boat style. The Styled-to-Fit boat covers are great for travel*, mooring and storage, and feature:
1/4″ strong & durable shock cord encased into hem for a snug fit.
Motor covers are sewn into outboard model boat covers. Some designs come with a separate motor cover.

Custom Fit Boat Covers(BEST)

- Carver Custom-Fit boat covers are made specifically for a make and year-model boat, providing the absolute best, “glove-like” fit.
A custom-fit boat cover is excellent for travel*, mooring and storage. The exceptionally conforming fit is most aerodynamic on the highway and padded reinforcements at key stress points provide extra durability for many years of trouble-free performance. The Custom-Fit boat covers include:
Heavy duty 1/4″ draw rope encased in hem for easy installation and snug fit.
Sewn-in pad for use with optional boat cover support pole.
Vinyl reinforcements sewn in at stress points.
Motor covers are provided for outboard models. Customized separate motor covers are available on some models.


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